June 1st

Cleaning up downstairs today, got so much done then Molly and Cory arrived. Molly,s Birthday today. Gave her, the card and present plus money. Cory is walking well and always seems happy. Luna was a bit scared of him and kept hiding under the table. Jay-Jay came here after he had finished work. 

When they had all gone home I carried on with the cleaning and got it all done just be for 5pmm. Chinese for tea so at least I do not have to cook tonight. 


Scrubbed the dinning room carpet, probably tomorrow Paul will go over with the carpet cleaner. A bit more knitting later, I have bean making more glove puppets going well. When I have done a few, will put a picture  on here.


Cleaning up stairs today, got our bedroom done plus the spare room. The computer room will be done tomorrow. Paul went over the dinning room carpet with the cleaner. Looks good now just about all the stains have gone now. 


Windy and quite cold on the common. Having a rest day as hoping to go to Pilates tomorrow. Just doing a few bits in the garden like filling up the cans and watering where necessary, rest of time knitting. 


Pilates yes- I got there, no problems with bike going up the hill. Good session I felt I did quite well. We finished well on time today as Jo had an appointment. I was pleased as the Star ship (Elon Musk's Mars mission) had another attempt at getting into space. This started at one pm well was meant too, but was a bit late Every thing went very well just a bit of fire at the end. Even so it still did as it was supposed to do, and splashed down in the sea.Well done Star ship and Elon's team. Another step closer to Mars.


Was going to clean up, but decided to have a rest day instead. My hips feel quite sore today I think its the Pilates I did yesterday. One of the moves involved swinging my leg out and then across body. Feels easy at the time but its later you feel the effects.


The walk on the common was nice. Luna was playing with a hound dog called Jenny. Luna looked so tiny next to her, but this did not bother her at all. She had fun and was tired when we got back home. Coming up the cobbled path from the road to our street, I saw Bella, Debbie's Dog in the window of their house. I said Hello Bella and carried on walking. A voice then, said Hello, I looked back expecting to see someone. No one there I looked up the cobbles no one there. Did Bella speak? No someone  further along the river bank road. When I told Debbie she laughed. 


Good walk with Luna, the rain just about held off. Looking after Andy's cat as he is at his parents for a few days, after hurting his ribs again. Hopefully he will be home later today. 

Helped Paul sort out the loft above the shed got rid of quite a bit of unwanted stuff. Got it all back up there be for it rained. Later I was on a small step stool in the shed when I lost my balance ( a regular thing that happens) and fell against the window brick frame work. I hurt my ribs and back, a bruise later I think. 

Lindsay and Tracy came round later in the afternoon. Both doing good Tracy had bean for a scan on her heart. Not Lincoln hospital, no Grantham hospital, miles away. Everything ok.   


Another short night in bed from three am - seven am. Good early walk on the common be for eight o'clock. I have decided not to go to Pilates as lack of sleep, and quite a bit of pain as well. I have a ten mile round bike trip, plus an hour at least of moves and exercise.

 I have given Luna a bath as she seems a bit itchy she smell lovely now not sure if she agrees though. She did not jump out the bath this time either. 


Showers most of the day, we were lucky and avoided them for our walk.  My friend Mary goes away for two weeks to South Africa. She used to live there, a lot of her family are still living there. She was not very keen on leaving Rory her dog. She said he is going to be looked after very well and in his own home too. 


A rest day today as bean quite busy the last few days. Doing a bit more knitting of the children's hat etc. Chinese for tea I went across to the take away to get it. I got Paul something for Father Day from Luna, some crunchies chocolate bars. We had a phone call from Wayne and Kayleigh to say that they were coming for a flying visit tomorrow. 


Wayne and Kayleigh got here around one thirty, Paul picked them up from Newark train station. They are both doing well. Wayne had a bit of a problem with his Hay fever but not too bad, he is coping just. They got Paul gifts and a card. Also a Birthday present for Andrew a fluffy hoodie, very soft and warm, fitted him well too. I did chips for Kayleigh and Wayne be for they left. Paul took them back to Newark around seven thirty to get the train home. Wayne said his fourteen year cat Timmy is doing really well at the moment, even  jumping up on to the sofa to sit with them. A lovely day Lindsay and Jamie-Lee here too. Only a short time here for Wayne and Kayleigh but very good to see them. We even had a game of Monopoly, where Paul won easy, he slaughtered us all. A good game though.


Bit in the garden with Andrew planted beans peas and put in the tomatoes. Everything out side this year as no big greenhouse. The little one that Andy gave us is a big help with the seeds and small plants till they are big enough to be planted out in the garden. 

Luna had her hair cut and looks good, thirty pound plus three pound tip. 

Be for hair cut.

Look at the colours on her back.

Pretty face.
Doing a bit of climbing.


Hair cut  for me today looks good as usual my hair always takes a few days to calm down after being cut. Debbie who has cut my hair for the last few years- probably around four years plus could not believe how long my hair had got. I have got a good head of hair, and it seems to get more volume each year.

Luna had a vet check up and booster injection. Every thing good and the vet was so gentle with the injection that Luna did not know he had done it. The trainee vet said Luna was very sweet. 


Changed the bedding and got some washed. Did Andrews yesterday, or should I say he did.

At Pilates today, did alright, and I was pleased with my session. At the end Jo did an arms thing moving them up down and across depending on what number Jo said. We were following Jo, but she was getting it wrong all the time. Quite funny moves to end a hard session with. 


Happy Birthday Andrew. I do hope you have a good day. We got him mostly BB gun stuff, plus a pack of hot  sauces, and sweets. One  of the guns did not work rights needs sorting out. We were going to have a take away but it did not happen because Paul said it was too late to have one. Hopefully tomorrow, disappointing for Andrew.


Bean quite warm for the last few days 23C- 27 C. nice to feel the warmth but its very humid with it. I am doing salad for tea with salad potatoes. the sun late afternoon shines right into the kitchen so is very warm in there. With  the oven on it hot, hot. Bit more knitting later, hat bits.  


Very hot and humid today  got to around 27C in the afternoon. I watered the garden later. Cleaning up down stairs. Having to stop to cool down as feeling a bit dizzy at times. Got it all done late afternoon. Sat down for rest of day a bit more knitting. Felt a sting pain sort of sensation in my left calf, had a look and there was a big hard lump, very hot, with a  bruising forming. I used to get these all the time while running. Look like a burst blood vessel. I am at the Doctors tomorrow so if still there, will get the nurse  to check it out. 


Another very warm start to the day. Warm breeze on the common another hot one I think. 26 C later, going to be like this for the next few days. Doing my June Blog. The blood test that I was having today has bean cancelled till July 10th, so no leg check up. Not going to do much today as I have a Pilates zoom class with Jo tonight. She phoned me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to join to see if I liked it. This would be handy if wet weather, or very cold later on in the year. Any way I will see what its like. Andrew is going to help me with logging on to the site. 

The zoom class went quite well after taking ages to log on as problems both ends.Too many distractions where I was in the dinning room. (Has to be big enough area to be able to move freely) Dogs on both sides of us barking. Football on tv in another room, people going past in the street. Arguing next door. Luna wanted to join in and thought it was great when I was laid on my mat. She sat on my chest wagging her tail and giving me kisses.. Jo thought it was quite funny but I told Luna to lay down and she just watched from then on wagging her tail. I enjoyed it to a point but if I do it again I think I will set up the lap top upstairs in our bedroom.  

Pilates on my bike as usual nice ride as quite warm, but very windy. I did not realise how strong the wind was, till going home and realised it was back wind going there and head wind going home. I did not get chance to talk to Jo about the Zoom class as she had some new people to talk to. No Pilates next week as voting for general election. 

Big bruise has come up on my calf but it is not as hard and painful as it was. So all good I think. At night both my legs were so cold and painful. 


Good cool walk on the common not as warm but good for me as doing the bedrooms today. Got them all done but so hard today felt very hot ad so tired. Pleased it was cooler, as would have bean worse. 


Another cooler day cloud most of it good for me as cleaning up down stairs today.  Had to keeping sitting down as dizzy and so tired. Got it all done in the end so that's it till next week. Gave Andy's cats it tea as Andy is away. Bit more knitting, making a balaclava but did it wrong but it will be ok I think.

Well not too bad a month this time. The walks on the common with Luna certainly keep me going. Pain still there but not all the time. Keep taking the tablets all will be fine!! All the very best to all of you 

Love Gill.

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