THE BAD part 2
9th - 20th July

Wietse came out to get me and asked how I felt, I said a bit light headed & spaced out - he said I looked it. I told him what happened on the bus. I got on to the table and he started to put the needles in as usual, no problems with that, then he started to massage my foot as usual still no problems.

As he carried on we were both talking,asking how I had bean, I said I had a few good days, he said that was a lot better then. I suddenly started to get hot I asked Wietse to sit me back a bit he did, but it did no good. He got the needles out and layed me flat, I think I passed out. When I came round I felt very hot and had real bad head, he put a fan on me and told me to rest.

As I lay there I started to rench and my throat was very tight, Michelle got me a bin/bucket, I was not sick or really felt it, but continued to rench.
Not too sure what happened after this as was I think was out of it much of the time,
some thing about a biscuit, water and a head massage. I started to feel very cold Wietse put my jacket over me and told me to rest.

I think I had a sleep, more renching, still bad head Wietse asked if I wanted to phone Paul I said no I will be all right soon. The next thing I remember was some thing about blue lips and stats low. An ambulance had been called, a oxygen mask was put on me, I had not even objected to the ambulance I did not even know one had bean called.

At hospital I was put in to a cubicle, Paul was there somebody had called him.
I started to rench continuously and my body had gone into spasm's. I could not breath it felt like I had a rolled up sock in my throat it was very tight and dry.
I was on a stats monitor, I kept going blue,this continued for a long time I was in and out of consciousness most of the time. A drip was put in for fluids.
Andrew my son arrived.

I think I was having spasm's of my throat as they were like the ones I have though out my body squeezing then letting go continually. Most of the nurses were very kind, one told me I was hyperventilating, The others told Paul I was not I could not breathe let a lone breathe fast. I was admitted over night for observation.

I was in a lot of pain by now it was about 6-7 pm. I had missed my dinner time tabs, to keep the pain under control. I asked when I would get them was told after a doctor had seen me. The doc came and asked me lot of questions and did some tests.
I asked her about tabs she said as soon as they are written up I explained RSD was a chronic pain condition she did not know any thing about it.[ The tabs were on my bed]

By now it was getting time for my next lot of tabs 10pm ish. I was moved to a short stay ward. I asked again for my tabs and was told as soon as they are written up, by now I was in unbearable pain the spasms were though out my body.

I started gagging again and was put on my side with an oxygen mask on. I layed on my side in lot of pain gagging the pain was off the scale. My drip had stopped working.
I thought here I am layed on my side with a mask on, gagging if I was sick I would choke. I was left like that for a long time.

I buzzed again asking for tabs she said when written up, I had seen the doc hours earlier,it was now 3-4am. She tucked the sheet in and pushed the cupboard near me so I did not fall out bed and told me to stop being silly. Again I was left with the mask on,renching and in unstop able pain very much out of control.

Again I buzzed she asked what did I want, I pleaded for tabs she said. not written up yet, I told her it was a chronic pain condition. She asked which ones do I need the most and got me them. They did little good the pain had gone too far.It was about 24 hours since I had my last lot of tabs. I kept asking them to put me out to give my body time to rest , they said they could not do that. The drip was still not working every body came and said I will get that sorted but no one did.

By now the day staff were on and the docs came round, they did the same tests they did before all so they said they would sort the drip, I asked about pain they said they would get the pain clinic to look at me.
They seamed more bothered about 5 large blisters on my left arm and later took samples for the lab.
All so I asked about a bed cradle to stop the sheet from touching my foot they said it would be sorted.
I got my usual tabs but they did little good the pain was well out of control.
They upped my tabs plus 8 PARACETAMOL and 4 CODEINE a day.

The drip was sorted as it had come apart, when that bag had finished another bag was put up, potassium. When I tryed to drink, it kept coming out my mouth or nose, my throat seamed to be very tight and sore.

Pain team came & saw what I was like and put me on 3 DIAZEPAN and 3 DIHYDROCODEINE a day as well as my others. The pain was like electric shocks shooting through my body, lifting me off the bed with so much pain. They all so got me a bed cradle (to keep the sheets off my foot).

I started eating a bit on Monday 14TH but was not that bothered about food.
The days passed by,the pain continued,I was higher than a kite seeing pretty colours of red,orange and yellow. Every thing seamed to be in slow motion I knew what people said but could not respond most of the time. People came to see me but I could not remember much of it. They said I looked so spaced out, far worse than Amy Winehouse [that's bad].

Pain team came to see me again and put me on OXYNORM when I needed it.
I had bean in hospital 9 days.[Friday 18TH]
Some time over the weekend I think I was taken off DIAZEPAN.

The pain was so bad on the Saturday night that early on Sunday 20th about 1AM I buzzed the nurse she said she would get me some OXYNORM, half a hour later I buzzed again she said soon, I was crying with the pain.

The tabs were in my bed side locker but I could not get to them.
I buzzed again and again pleaded, yes, pleaded, with her, I was in so much pain I wanted to die.

You are in hospital and you have to plead for pain relief, that not right is it?

She said she would get me some OXYNORM.
At 3AM the nurses came I said thank god, but no, they had come to move me to another ward. I cried and cried, what about the pain relief, they said you will get it in your next ward the porter is here.

When I got to the next ward the nurse saw how much pain I was in and gave me it straight away she was very kind and sat with me for awhile, I was so up set.
As I lay there for the rest of the night I looked around it seamed a quiet ward there was a old lady opposite me and every body seamed to be asleep.
By now it was Sunday morning and the day staff were on.

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