2009 Running awards !!

Saturday 16th January

Tonight Paul and I are at the Lincoln and District running awards for 2009.
We first have a bowling session at Lincoln Bowls, the ball was quite heavy and on some goes I had trouble keeping my balance, to start with we had the rails up at the side but these were removed this would have helped me a lot but never mind I am no professional.

Eyeing up the competition.

This one looks good.

Looking hopeful.

In full flow.

My shoulder ached towards the end and I was a bit unsteady on my feet, but I enjoyed it a lot and this year I did not get the lowest score.

Do I look like I know what I am doing?

After every one had finished, we went on to the Lincoln City football ground for the food and Awards. I had lasagna that was very nice and a lump of cake which was so heavy you could have used it for a bowling ball. The Awards were then given out, for most improved, cross country etc. The Chairman Martyn talked about a cross country that was held at Skegness, the weather was typical east coast, very windy cold wet. I remember the last one I did there in 2003/2004 Season the same type of weather the tears flowed down my face and I felt very cheated as not being able to take part any more, as cross country, were the best races I used to do, I felt very sad. Martyn then continued with the Awards saying, this Special Award goes to somebody that has had injures, not actively running, and bean a member a long time or something similar (I have nearly 18 years) he went on to say that this person did the Santa Run in 27 minutes, I then clicked that it was me the Award was given to me I think, because I had never given up on my dreams and here I am back running as sorts. The tears were really flowing and I was shaking. I think Martyn had a tear also. Thank you Martyn. I got a very loud applause some people stood up it was most moving and unexpected. I thought may be he would say some thing about the Santa run but never this. The night turned out too be a good one if not still a bit sad, next year who knows where my running will be.

Receiving the Award with tears.

Never give up on your dreams. Love Gill

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