New year another year passes I saw this year in on my own thinking about the past but more
about the future. May be this year things will be better. I think I deserve a better year don't you ?

1st January

Today has bean a painful one my foot burning, legs ice cold, my hips are clicking when I walk or move. My eyes are very dry and sore I have constantly bean putting in drops for most of the day. I feel very down thinking about what lies ahead I go for another DEXTER SCAN on the 21st of this month this will confirm if the osteoporosis is worse or not. I am not usually a worryer but this last year the pain has bean really bad the MORPHINE helps but at the cost of the side affects. My sleeping or lack of it is worse.


I had to put my blanket guard back for now as my foot did not get any better with it off, never mind I nearly had a step forward. Today I had another B12 injection it hurt most of the day. My body is hot and burning but I feel so cold then the next minute so hot I wish this would go away. I have enough with the pain without any more. I am getting bad spasms in my foot at night which really hurt.


Physio Wietse was in a very happy mood. he did the usual ACUE more times than not when he takes out the needles I bleed, some of them bleeding for quite a while but I have not bled to death yet. We talked about the scan and a few other things. My eyes are still sore. Shoulders are very sensitive. My foot likes the guard better back on.


Today Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are here, I got them a fort with knights and pirates they played with it for a long time pretending they were baddies. The day was very enjoyable but tiring sleep is no better.


When I went to bed about 4.30, my right foot started playing up like it did when I first had RSD it feels like somebody is using pliers on them I had this last month as well (12th) I did not really sleep at all. Hips are bad again very stiff and clicking.


I got the MELATONIN tablets today they had to be ordered specially, hopefully they will help me sleep. They are not meant to have as many side affects as some of the others I have taken. Today has bean one of extreme temperature changes most of the day I have bean wet through with sweat. This a lone can be very tiring.


Today we, Paul my daughter Lindsay and I, are going to Doncaster Lake side shopping outlet, Lindsay is going to see a friend who has recently had a baby boy Lucas . We will be picking her up on the way back. After being in the car for about hour and a half I had trouble walking and was in a lot of pain. As I walked round it eventually got better. My shoulders were tingling and my foot as not to be left out was playing up. I was trying to find some boots that fit and are easy to get on zips all the way down, but I did not find any, Paul got some shoes. We went in to see the baby Lucas he is a lovely little chap but was tired so not at his best. The journey home was quite painful. I am taking a MELATONIN tablet before I go to bed so wish me luck.


I did not much sleep any longer time, but a deeper sleep no drowsiness or a feeling of being far away either. No pain in the night, So good so far. Today I am cleaning the bedrooms, it takes me so long to do things now so it will be most of the day job. My hips are bad today I am walking very stiff and it is affecting my shoulders which are painful and sensitive.

I'll now be updating my blog more often, instead of just the monthly post there will be more, shorter blog posts.
Thanks for reading.
Love Gill.

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