17th feb

The last few days I have ached a lot. I think its because of all the walking I did at The Deep. That's the problem - one good day out will make me suffer for a few days. The day was very good and Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee loved it.

Physio- Wietse did acue in my neck and shoulders. One needle seem to hit a nerve sending pain right down to my RSD foot, which was soon awake and complaining bitterly. One of the needle's in my ear caused it to bleed a lot. It was not my day for things going well and pain-free. Wietse said it was alright to go to pilates as my shoulder had improved but not to push it too far.

Later on pilates went alright but my shoulder was still very stiff.


A friend came today to bringing me a late birthday present, a teddy called Spencer (I live on Spencer Street). It was nice to see her as I don't see her much. We sat and talked and caught up. It was a nice afternoon

Spencer and a friend chilling.

Sandy my little dog has not bean too well, so a trip to the Vet's was needed. After an examination I was told she has a small tumour/growth in her womb, it is probably infected so he has put her on antibiotic's for eight days. We are then to go back, to see if there is any improvement. I do hope so she is my little friend. (ONLY friend most of the time)

Sandy - my little babe.


Today I have got Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee as Lindsay does not feel too well. I don't really feel that good myself. I feel very cold, and my foot is purple swollen and ice cold. I am getting pins and needles in my legs, more the RSD one, this is something I have not had for a while so must mention it to Wietse. Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee were both very good, eating all there dinner and behaving so I could rest as much as possible. I always enjoy them coming but it is so tiring.



I am in town today on my scooter. A cold feeling all over my body (different to normal). The pins and needles are still there in my legs. My head feels like it could explode any minute, with pain across the forehead. My chest is tight and does not feel good, and I have a cough, but not a cough that does any good. My joints are so tender. What is going on now? Something is not right. Done at last in town - home to rest. I feel very tired but sleep will not come.


Its physio day - Wietse asked me how I felt I said like I had bean hit around the head and body with a baseball bat. That good he said I acutely looked worse than that. I am usually very cold to touch but today I am hot even my core is hot (my stomach). Wietse said this can only mean one thing you have an infection I agreed with him. Doctors tomorrow. He did usual acue and massaged my neck which is so painful he thinks the nerves are inflamed that's why it is so tender to touch. I have taken extra painkillers and muscle relaxants, but as yet have to work.


Doctors today I still feel bad, sweating a lot but still cold and hot. I am sat in the waiting room to see the Doctor I am very light headed and still hurt in most places. My name is called and I stand up, and walk towards the doctors room. The next thing I know is there are faces looking down at me I have passed out and am laid on the floor. I hit my head as I went down. I am helped to the exam room where I am checked over. Wietse was right I have a chest infection.( given antibiotic's). When I was fully round I said to the doctor fainting usually gets you seen first but it was my turn. My son was phoned as I still felt light headed( lucky he had a day off) to walk with me home to rest.


I have a bump on my head and my eye is slighty black, and a bruise on my hip. My RSD has got up to full strength as it has bean upset as you know it does not like it. My foot is very sensitive to the slightest touch and hurts a lot. I have a head ache as well. The antibiotics should start to work very soon so I should feel a lot better, I hope so I can't feel much worse. My eye is looking like it is infected as well.

On a good note my Birthday present, off my oldest son has arrived six audio books mostly horror or mystery. I will enjoy them. I don't know if any of you have audio books but they are very good, if you can not read for any reason like me a lot of the time the words go into waves and start dancing be for my eyes, so it is impossible to read a lot of the time, well worth getting as the range is so big.

Well that's it for this blog, another month gone I don't really know if that good or bad.
Take care every one,
Love Gill.

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