November 1st

November already-- a lot of the trees are bare but quite a few have still got leaves. After a cold start to October then a very mild spell, I think the trees were confused as some days the temperature reached 24c, summer time warm. So a lot of the trees stopped loosing the leaves.
Soon they will be bare and go in to the hibernation mode. To wait for Spring, may be that would suit me ?.

Pain wise not a lot of change. Last night my legs hurt so much when I was sitting, the pain was almost like my legs and hips being crushed. I think what makes RSD worst is the fact-- well ! it never goes away for one, and every day can be so much different to the previous one. The pain can come and go just as it pleases. Now if you have an injury or some other medical condition the pain is  mostly the same or worse with exercise or movement. Not RSD, for me sitting can be more painful than walking depends on where the pain is though. I know every RSD suffer is a bit different but on the whole that's how it seems to be with me. I think why I can still walk and move around is the fact I have worked though the pain, not easy when you can take a bucket full of pain meds and be almost free from it, pain and discomfort that is. Obliviously this renders you useless and all you do is sleep. This is not an easy thing to do. I have never bean brought up to take tablets at the first sign of pain, but go for a walk or do something that takes your mind off the problem. I know in a lot of cases this is not possible, and in the end some times pain meds are the only way for any relief.

RSD is here to stay but that does not mean I am making it feel welcome.

Pilate's- on my bike, as usual. A few people have said its cheating to have an electric bike. Mostly the ones that have cars and exercise is not a word they use very much. I still pedal and do go around ten miles return trip every week. So I don't care what the others say. I know with out it I would not be able to pedal a normal bike no near as far. I get a lot more spasms now, so a non electric bike would not get used just like my last bike. A few at Pilate's are saving for one like mine and think its great what I do.

In the afternoon planting bulbs and a bit of tidy up in the garden. Paul helped a little bit.


At last some of the pain has lost it grip, I think that's down to the ACCUE I had end of last month. hopefully it will give me a few day rest from it but I know it won't last long it will be back, as the cold is here now so that makes everything worse. I do get my electric blanket on so that does help so long as I don't get too warm. YES on the whole a better day all round. Even though its bean quite a busy day I am not tired even at five am.


Age UK not a good day regarding accidents and things going wrong. I pressed a button on the coffee machine that I had not used before so did not know what it did. Soon found out-- it flushed the machine out so the over flow bucket over flowed. So I had that to sort out with the help of another lady. After that I over rung in the till by £2,000-00. Spilt things as well as hands not too good HYPERSENSITIVE fingers so not responding to touch very well. We were very busy and not a lot of staff either. A new kitchen manger looks like not being very soon as no interviews have taken place yet. They are not very fast at getting things done. Some of the staff are having to do the work of two people and not getting any extra for it. Not a happy bunch at the moment at all.  I still like it there but that's only one day a week. I still manage to mess that up a lot of time, but mostly it goes well and do my best. I have bean told by quite a few that they like Fridays the best, as a good bunch of volunteers in.

Pain later down my neck and head as well shooting up and down.


Found out today one of my friends has had a stroke and has bean in hospital a while. she is improving and should make a full recovery. I know how strokes can affects people as both my parents had a lot of them. At one point both of them went though being paralysed for quite a while and long stays in hospital and recovering at home. Strokes are unpredictable and need to be managed well.
I spoke to her daughter and she said both of them are coping well and the dogs miss her a lot. Get well soon and get back home with your daughter and pets.

Bad head and neck today. I had a lot of spasms during the night and morning so its tight and the pain is the shooting type again.

Cleaning the bedrooms, but having to stop to clear my head and rest quite a bit today.


Bad nose bleed to start with just poured out, not had one as bad as this for a while, headache not as bad though so maybe it had something to do the the bleed. My nose has a blood vessel that has got very week after so many bleeds, so any extra strain it starts again. I have said this a few times but this is for those new readers that don't know. My knees hurt a lot today probably after my bike ride as is was a bit cold and windy so extra effort was needed.


Made another Christmas cake, in all I am making 7, this is the third one so half way. Most are for Christmas presents.

A lot of pain today hip, knee being the worst. A lot of the time my body is going into spasm. Not a good day for me.


Poor Tommy-Lee has got Tonsillitis again he has this on a regular basic. Hopefully soon they will have him in to take them out. I know the hospital here are over run with waiting lists, so might not be any time soon. I looked after Jamie-Lee while Paul took them to the doctors.


Pilates very cold going and back too. Nearly got knocked off my bike not once but twice by drivers that were not taking notice of the road. The first was a works van pulling out a side road, talking to his mates. He did not even look my way and pulled straight out. If I had not being watching him he would have hit me full on. As it was I had to serve to the side of the road if there had bean any thing coming the other way I would have bean hit from them. He did pip as if to say sorry but that's not good enough.

Further on in Heighington a car this time started to pull out of a side road again only to change her mind to let me pass. I put my hand up to thank her and just as I got level with her she pulled out causing me to brake very heavy. WHY do this-- make your mind up and keep your eyes on the road drivers, Maybe that way there will be less accidents.

I was pleased when I arrived at the hall for Pilate's in one piece slightly shaky but OK. Any way the session went well.  No problems going home.

Found out my friend Joy has had an accident, falling down the stairs and has badly hurt her shoulder.. She is in hospital and will go on to a care home as she can not do much for herself. Get better soon Joy. The care home is near us so I will see more of her.


Age UK busy but not manic like last week but we did run out of a lot of the things on the menu. People are starting to eat earlier and then another lot come in as like a second sitting near 2pm. Some moan and say why have you run out of this or that. I say we stop serving around two so the meals are based on that. I also said try to get in a bit earlier then there would be more choice. More moans. Jenny's not here today, I was told she was unwell, not able to get in touch with her as I have no number. The staff will not let me have it as confidential information. Office staff usually come in to help but they are not dedicated and often cause more problems. A lot of the time on my own with back up from the kitchen. Polly the chef, said I/we had done very well.

A lot of joint pain today but its very cold, got colder as the day went on. Very tired when I got home.


Very tired today and I ache all over the dreaded ache/ache pain not able to get comfortable any way, sitting, standing and reclining .

Angela called in for a chat. She is doing well and looking forward to a week off work soon. I am going to do her garden for her as a Birthday treat.


Pain lifted a bit I am pleased about that.
Going to see my friend Lyn as it's her Birthday, going on my bike after dinner to take her present and card. I have know Lyn since Wayne was born 1979. We have still kept in touch as the family's have moved on and had children of their own.
A nice chat with her and her husband Mo, good to see them again as not since February, my Birthday.
No problems with the other road users.

Soon after I got back from Lyn's Jay-Jay called in, he is looking a lot happier so I am pleased about that. He said even School is going better.


The weather has gone damp and milder again yesterday a frost, today rain. Sunny in the afternoon or so the forecast says, we will see. In town with Andrew after dinner for a short while he is after getting some boots.
Going to see Joy later today she has settled in the care home now, hopefully she will not be there too long and get back to her own home. Joy was better than I last spoke to her soon after her fall, but still in a lot of pain. Her shoulder is dislocated and damaged at the joint so that's why it can not be put back in place. While there the physio came to see her. She moved her arm very slightly and you could see the pain on her face and the scream she let out. Not a lot she can do with her. Joy is back at the hospital next Monday so hopefully there will be some news as to what will be done.

As I was leaving the home I looked on the wall and there was a good picture of Nana smiling back at me. This was a bit of a shock and tears welled up in my eyes. She passed away 18th of January aged just over 100 years old

Got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee to sleep tonight. Lindsay is out with Tracy. Jamie-Lee played with her dolls till bed time. After a story and five minutes on her ipad she settled to sleep. Watched a bit of TV with Tommy-Lee then he went to bed a bit later than he should have but he was a sleep nearly straight away. Time for me to rest a bit now bean quite a busy day.


Paul got the children sorted out for school I waved to them from the bedroom window Have a good day both of you. When Jamie-Lee got to School she wanted her Mum and cried a bit Paul left her with a teacher and she soon calmed down.

Pilate's went quite well not doing too much with my arms but still plenty of things I can do. Quite a good session.  No problems with the other road users today.


Andrew is going back to Amsterdam for a few day as there is an event on so he will be filming.
Paul went out to the car but the battery was flat. Ness kindly jump started him so he was able to take Andrew to the Doncaster Airport. They arrived on time so no problems. I will miss him as got used to having him around. He will be back in a week, so not that long.

Started making a little crib set out of a soap and moisturiser holder for Jamie-Lee's dolls..  I have no pattern to go by but hopefully it will look good.


After a sharp frost and a chilly walk on the common I set off for town and Age UK. Paul was going to town so we walked together. Cold as well direct north wind in our faces.
Jenny was not here again, she has a bad virus so is quite ill.  I was not very pleased with the volunteer before me as they left the counter busy and things not stocked up so not happy. Someone said she was not well.  Busy again so Steve helped me out most of the time. Someone from the office came in to help but only stopped 20 minutes then went, I said to Steve we can cope, he said cause we can.
A busy day with a few not so good customers. We are still very short staffed as well. The general caretaker left today as well. Got out a bit earlier as had a bit of  shopping to do then home.


Another cold frosty start to the day. White over again. On the common while playing with her ball Summer was attacked by another dog. We both think it was jealous when Summer was with her friend. Summer did not seem to be hurt. Neither was the other dog but Summer is not a fighter so she did not put up much of a fight. I know she cried a lot and limped away. The lady said I don't under stand it she is never like this. Anyway hopefully when they meet again they will still be friends again. Later on I spotted Summer had a nasty bite on her neck quite deep. I will have to keep a check on it.

Angela came round in the afternoon. After she had gone I did something I had not done for a long time I WENT FOR A RUN yes a Run, only around twenty minutes but I did run. The only problem I had was the extreme cold it got to my breathing. My legs felt good so did I. Hopefully things will keep well  and I can go another day. I have waited so long to do this.
(Well done Gill, proud of you.....Paul)


A lot milder day, rain over night. I met Nikki and her friend with their dogs Basil and Lucy. Basil is Summers boyfriend. We had a talk and I said about Summer. Nikki said Lucy got attacked by the same dog yesterday as well. So much for not doing it before, like an hour earlier.

No ill affects after my run, my legs feel like they run but are not sore, so I am pleased. I do bike and walk a lot so its not like I am unfit. That seems weird saying that when I have RSD plus the other stuff. I am as fit and strong as I can be with what's going on everyday.


Pictures today with Angela we saw Paddington Bear 2. We both thought it was very good, at one point Paddington was trapped and looked like he would die. I shouted out quite loud you have got to save him. A few people laughed. I don't think any of them wanted Paddington to die. Anyway he got rescued so all was well. A good film for all ages.


A very windy day not too cold though. Pilates on my bike as usual. A good session, I still don't do a lot of the arm moves, but leg wise, I do them all.

After dinner I went to see Joy but first into town to get her a few things. Joy is not dong too bad but is in a lot of pain still. She will see her Doctor at the hospital this week so hopefully things will progress from there.


Andrew back from Amsterdam he said things went well for him and he had a good time.

Poor Joy has seen her Doctor and he wants to operate as soon as possible. Her shoulder is a mess and needs a new joint. She was a bit shocked. I said its for the best as the Doctor could bodge it up and need more than one opp. At least this way it's just one opp hopefully, then recovery. I know she is quite worried. She said what if I don't wake up after? All the best Joy and you will be fine.     


Age UK was MANIC Jenny is still ill so most of the day just on my own I did get help, but not until later. A good day though. I was told that we have had a new cook on trial so it would be nice if he got the job. Then hopefully things can back to normal again.


Went to Angela's to put in some winter flowering pansies. So cold in her garden we did what we cold then inside for a welcome cup of hot tea. We sat and talked a while, had some apple pie and more tea. What we did of the garden looks  good and will add a bit of colour. In the warmer weather I will have another go. A while later Angela brought me home. A nice hot bubble bath later which  Angela gave me and I felt good. Well that's not really true. Quite a bit of of random pain. Also temperature changes are as bad as the pain its self. This temperature thing can be Ok for a while then flair up and be very extreme.


I marzipaned all the Christmas cakes, they smell very nice, leave a week then I can Royal ice them.
Bit of tidying and sorting out in the kitchen. Making some fingerless gloves for a friend.


Joys operation was meant to be today but is now tomorrow, she is quite worried and will be pleased when it all done. Poor Joy, it was only March when she had her falling off the bus accident when she broke her elbow and hurt her ribs and knee. Hopefully after this things will go better for her.

B12 today this was done by a student, did not hurt too much either. She has joined our surgery. Good, we need more Nurses.


Pilates again, very cold today icy wind. Things went well and I had a good session. Very cold going and coming back. My hands were like ice so were my feet. I made a very nice curry for tea. Just what we need on a cold day.

Pictures of the things I have made over the past few weeks.

 Both for a baby boy due very soon of a friend.
 Set for a little girl.
The set I made from a soap and hand lotion basket, for Jamie-Lee.

                      Glove and hat set for Vera from age UK. She was supposed to be knitting them!!

2 pair of Finger less gloves.
 Little 4" doll.
Mermaid Barbie.


Cold day, icy wind I think it will snow.  Accue today, I hope it will help the pain as its bean building up quite a bit, from sort of bearable to extreme pain out of nowhere.

I saw Kandy today for treatment I have not seen her in a while. Needles were placed in my legs, ten in my right leg, nine in left, also 6 in shoulders, five in right the worst one and one in left. The right shoulder felt like it was on fire. Heat lamp on both knees which were ice cold. Kandy could not understand how the top of my leg was warm and so were my feet, well warmish  but knees were ice cold. Knee warmed up but by the time she had done the other one it was ice cold again. I said that's  RSD for you. She has suggested going to see my Doctors and may be asking about scans to see how the joints are doing. I go soon (11th December) so I will talk to him.

After a cup of tea I headed up to the hospital to see Joy. The snow was coming down very thick . The zip on my coat decided to break as well, lucky there was buttons. I like the snow and was dressed for the cold so I was quite warm. The Hospital is up hill really most of the way so that kept me warm..
Joy has had surgery on her shoulder a new joint. Things did not go very well and she lost a lot of blood. This resulted in her being in ICU for twenty four hours or more. Now she is doing well, up and walking around, a bit wobbly though. I think she has done extremely well. She only had the operation Tuesday.

Stopped quite a while then Paul picked me up. Had Chinese for tea.

A lot of PAIN later, shooting burning and most of every thing RSD has. I could not relax at all, my legs and knees are swollen. Hypersensitive everywhere. I know sometimes the ACCUE can set things off for the worst but with RSD it could be anything or nothing.

Another mixed month, Pain but I have had worse. Up and down. I am seeing my own Doctor on the 11th Dec for an update so maybe he will have a magic pill to help me !!.

Hope things are as good as they can be with you all. All the very best Gill.

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