July (1)

Well here we are in July and its still good weather too.

Sorting out the car park again, as the weeds have grown fast. This time I put some root and weed killer down so that should frighten the weeds a bit. The trouble was the garage had left two cars very close to own wall so I could not get to the weeds there

A lot of extra pain today mostly in my right foot and left knee. I am trying my best to ignore it. Only a few extra tablets through out the day.


Another warm sunny day I think the last time it rained was June 2nd. Cleaning up again.

Lindsay is at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield today hopefully this time things will start to go forward and she can get some sort of treatment. Paul has taken her.

My friend John came round for a cup of tea but no cake this time, so we had ice cream instead, he did not complain at all. A good chat with him too.

Soon Paul and Lindsay were back and the news is after this scan they will compare to the other one taken earlier this year, then they will decide what to do as tablets have had a hit and miss affect.

Lindsay and Tracy stopped for tea as well so did Chris, Andrews friend.  Children are on Holiday with their Dad.We had a very good tasty Chinese.


Andrew came on Summers walk today so that was nice as usually I am on my own. Summer enjoyed it too.

Saw Doctor Mehta in the afternoon, we discussed how the tablets were working,. I said quite well.
He said they were for WEIRD pain I said that will be about right then. Got a prescription for more my regular pills.  When the Chemist gave me them he said 10/5 (strength) but it did not register. Should be 20/10. I think when I rung up the Doctor (4th June) things got confused, and he knocked off the higher one to leave the lower one instead of both of them staying on prescription. We got it sorted out hopefully when I pick them up on Friday all will be well. Very tired to day even nodded off around 11-00pm.


I am back at Pilate's today as I think I can cope with bike ride and the session. Nice to be back again as not bean since 22nd of May. I enjoyed it as well quite tired when I got home but I thought I would be.

Left knee sore and foot still playing up. Oh the joys of RSD. The only consolation is my legs don't grow hair like they used to so do not need waxing or shaving.

Knocked my leg on the garden wall only a deep graze but it hurts a lot and the RSD has made a mountain out of it as usual.


Age UK-- Jenny was back so I was pleased I enjoy the time with her. Not crazy busy but steady. The customers are eating earlier than they used to, before no orders were taken until 11-30am. Now when I go in (11.30) they are already eating. Bit of shopping then home. Still Summers day so quite warm.

The tablets had not bean done right so a long wait at the Doctors and Chemists while they sorted them. This time things are as they should be hopefully.


England playing Sweden in the World Cup Quarter Finals  I watched a bit and the penalty shoot out WE WON 2-0, next the Semi Finals.on the 11th versus Croatia.


Guess what still hot and sunny again I could get very used to this. The heat does not bother me too much. My leg is not looking too good maybe infected as the last few dressing have bean manky. Using some ATRAUMAN I had left when I scraped my leg badly before in July 2011 nowhere near that bad this time. 

   This is what happened when I slipped off a chair.

I think this is helping, its very expensive I know that as the Nurse said last time. The tablets I am taking for my NEURALGIA, CARBAMAZEPINE are helping a lot and I have only had one bad attack of the pain since starting them on 25th June. Make me a bit wussy some days but even that is wearing off. Good some thing that work against this RSD beast.

Potting my Olive tree but had not got enough potting compost, so went to B and Q's to get some on my bike. Strapped on my bike box and peddled home no problems. Had dinner then soon got it re potted. Hopefully it will be a bit happier now.


A lot cooler day not a lot of sun. Most people will be pleased as its bean very hot.

Changed the bed and did the washing plus two other loads. Windy today so a nice breeze to dry it all. Looks like RAIN yes that wet stuff that we have not had for ages like I said earlier in the blog.

Nice walk with Summer, met a friend so we walked down Sincil Bank with her as she was going home. Her dog had not bean well so it was nice to see her and talk, The dog is better now. She has an allergy to grass and has hay fever. From February on wards she looses her fur, then it grows back. She has bean told this will happen every year. Poor thing she has to keep away from grass and trees in hay fever time.

My leg is leaking and hurts today, Summer has started sniffing it as well. This is not a good sign I am at the Nurse's on Thursday so if no better I will get her to look at it.

In the greenhouse tieing up the toms and cues they are growing well now after not a good start. A few baby cues growing as well and some toms starting to appear.


Got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee for tea and a few hours after as Lindsay is at a football meeting.
Jamie-Lee played with Lego and Tommy-Lee did some BB shooting in the garden. I told him not to shoot Karol our next door neighbour  he said he would try not to. Lindsay came to pick them up and peace for me and a nice bath as I hurt a lot.  No rain.


Pilate's went quite well a good session, on my bike as usual nice breeze if fact a little chilly but it soon warmed up. On the way back a big lorry got a bit close and I had to go quite close to the verge. The nettles were tall and leaning towards me and I nettled my hand. The nettles are very dry because of lack of rain and are falling over. All the way home it hurt.

Football -YES I watched England v Croatia 2-1 to Croatia  World Cup Semi Final We did not win but it was a good match. I understood the offside rule as well.

Andrew went to Amsterdam to day for a few days.


Summer had her hair cut she looks so sweet a bit shorter this time as she is getting hot.


Happy Birthday to my daughter Lindsay we went to see her with her presents she was very pleased with all of them. We got a microwave plus clothes. Her Brothers, Wayne, Andrew, plus Summer and Timmy and us all put together to get her a new mobile phone, She was very pleased with it and said thank you to every one.

Paul took me to the Doctors after Lindsay's for my B12  not too painful, a Student did it this time. While I was there I asked the Nurse to look at my leg. She said it was very gungy but did not think it was infected. She put on a iodine dressing and gave me more. I am to go back if no better when I take the dressing off.


This day 14 year ago this RSD HELL started. 14 years of pain and suffering. This Pain never goes, imagine whats its like to have flu everyday? RSD sufferers don't have to.


Got Jay-Jay here for a few hours he watered the garden and the greenhouse and rubbed down some paint work, We are decorating the hall and stairs, two flights. Paul thought it would be easier with Andrew away. Not as many feet going up and down.

Six weeks today since it last rained 2nd June.


Tided up the toms and cues in the greenhouse, also the morning glory plants, another hot day.
Later I went to see Angela on my bike, nice cool ride. She made dinner and we sat in the garden for a while but it was too hot. We watched a bit of football but it was not the same with England not playing. France won 4-2 so that was good as it was Croatia that knocked England out the cup.


In the garden most of the day. Also washing and ironing. Hot and heavy today a few clouds later as well. I think it will rain.

Caught my sore leg on a box so the dressing was nearly pulled off. The dressing smelt but it has healed up quite a bit. I cleaned it up and put another dressing on it.


Lindsay and family came round for a Chinese, late Birthday tea for Lindsay. I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did.

As I sit finishing off this months Blog the rain is coming down sounds so nice and the air is a lot fresher.

Not too bad a month apart from leg and I bruised my arm a few days ago on the bedroom door but that's about right now. Hope things are good for you all and you are able to keep cool.

Summer has.

 All the best to you all love Gill.

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