December (2)

December 17th

Got my B12 done today a bit early but I thought it would help over the Christmas time. I can usually tell when I am getting low and it needs topping up. This one hurt a lot going in but the pain soon went off.


In town today to get last bits of shopping. I did not know what to get Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee as a small present, we are giving money, so just something for Christmas day to open. I got them both art pencil and pads. I already had a art folder for Jay-Jay. I managed to get Tommy-Lee one but was not happy with it. I found another one on ebay. He will get it later but says he does not mind. Jamie has got a mixture of clothes and making activity's. So I think I am done.


Supposed to be at Pilate's but the rain is coming down so I did not fancy getting wet. I will see Jo after Christmas.

I have a cold coming on. Hot, cold and a headache from hell, dizzy too.

My friend has lost her fight for life age 94 (same as Ben) and she passed early this morning. Her daughter is very lost now and says she can not live without her. I hope she will be fine, her four dogs will comfort her. I see her most days so hopefully that will help her. She has no relatives so is on her own now.


Angela's 60th birthday. I already got a DVD set earlier in the year so just got her a funny age mug.
She stopped for a while had a drink, non alcohol, that's later, as she was driving.

My son Wayne phoned up, he also has got this cold thing and is working from home. He is suffering like me.

He was made Manager a few days ago so I am very proud of him, he deserves it.

Cold not good-- streaming eyes and still head pain mostly behind my eyes.


Age UK just pork and sausage buns plus cakes. No where as busy either, which was good as I still feel crap.

Bit of shopping then home. Knee has not improved yet but I suppose its still early days after the injection. Hopefully it will help then no operation will be needed.


Looking after Andy's cat for the next few days. He is away till the 27th

Taking round the presents to the relatives.

A lot of spasms in my knee and leg despite taking QUININE.


Knee very bad today, taking a lot of extra tablets. Makes me wonder how much pain I am really in as on a lot of strong pain medication for the other things. The pain starts off the RSD and FIBOMYALGIA pain as well, so before you know it-- full body pain.

Went round to see my friend who's Mum just passed. She invited me in, at first I was not going to as Wayne my son was on his way here. Paul was on his way back from picking him up from Halifax. I  decided to go in, and we talked about her mum and other things. I have known her and her Mum a long time, around 40 years I think. I am pleased I went in hopefully I helped her a bit.


A lovely Christmas day, 9 for dinner, all went well. A noisy day but good too. Lindsay took all the young ones home late afternoon so I could have a rest.

 Cold is still not good but at least the head ache has lessen.


My Brother and sister in law hear for tea. They brought along William their grandson my cousin I think. He played with Lego most of the time. A good afternoon bit quieter than Christmas day.

Paul did all the tea and washing up so an easy day for me.

Andy is back from his trip so Smudge cat was pleased to see him.


Wayne back home today. Paul is taking him and Andrew is going too. I think the promise of an Indian later enticed him. Just me and pup then.

Wayne arrived home safe, and Paul and Andrew back home again. They both said the Indian they had was very good.


Well New Year Eve what will 2019 bring ?--- less pain I hope and my knee better one way or another.

All the best to you all and a Very Happy New Year to everyone, all the best Love Gill

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