January 2019

January 1st

Welcome to 2019 everyone-- hope its a good year. I think I say that every year, but one has to be better than the last sometime. I am now back to one Blog per month and not two- this I think works better for me.

Poor Summer dog, the smoke alarm started beeping early morning. She is terrified of this and tries to get out the house. Paul came down around 7am and tried to calm her down. I had only gone to bed a few hours earlier around 5am, and the alarm was fine then. When I got up around 9am she had calmed down. We went for our usual walk and for the rest of the day she mostly slept. Poor Summer.

Andrew, Paul and I played Scrabble later and I won by one point. My spelling is not good, so I think I did well, I did get a bit of help though.


Ben's funeral not looking forward to this at all. This is a Woodland Service- middle of a wood so nice and relaxed. I think Ben would have bean pleased. Cilla's ashes went in with him as well. Bye Ben and Cilla I shall miss you.


Age UK what a busy day-- there is one lady who always gets in everybody's way. Well today she excelled herself and got shouted at many times. Polly said she will have a word with her I said you better be quick as I am on the verge of killing her. I was pleased when she went home. Jenny and I as usual were the last of the volunteers to leave.

Knee not good today- not bean any better since the injection on 12th December apart from the first two days. That was because of the ANAESTHETIC that was put in. As soon as that wore off the pain was worse. My knee is very tight, worse than it was a few days ago, spasms up and down my leg, usually in the night. I am going to ring up Mr Joby John's Secretary on Monday to get another appointment to see him again.

Paul has gone to Wayne's for the night, then in the morning he drives to Goodison park in Liverpool to watch Everton v Lincoln City in the FA Cup. He's coming back Saturday or Sunday.


Lincoln did not win but lost 2- 1  but Paul said it was a very good match. He is staying at Wayne's another night so back Sunday sometime.


I rang Mr Joby John's Secretary and got an appointment for next week 16th. I was surprised it was so soon, but then I am used to dealing with Lincoln County Hospital. King's Mill seems to be a lot more efficient. I will be pleased when I see him, and can get something done.


No Pilate's today Jo is not well. I was not sure if I was going anyway, as my knee is bad. Ten mile round bike trip does not seem a good idea. Very cold today as well.


Dentists today, given the all clear for another year, which is good as you can get problems because of the RSD. I have a tooth at the back which has broken off but it is not causing me any problems so the Dentist and I decided to leave it for now. Going back again if any problems

Walking back from town my knee was so painful and very tight. This is affecting my hip as well so double pain. Also the RSD had to get a look in.

Tablets not ready at the chemist but they will be tomorrow they said. My Quinine is having manufacture problems so I had to change it slightly. Ready for tomorrow, PROMISE. You would think if the Chemist can not get a tablet that you need like that week- they would let you know not wait till the day you pick them up, and leave you without.


It's my friend Country Bumpkins Funeral today. I am not going at her daughters request. Rest in peace Bumpkin..

Age UK very busy-  most  of the staff seemed to be in a mood today and very touchy. I just did what I had to do. Had a word with Polly and she said they had a big meeting and this had upset everybody in the kitchen. A case of too many office staff trying to run the kitchen from their desks. Let Polly and her gang get on with it themselves, they do a dam good job if left to it.

Went to get tablets still not ready the prescription had not even bean done despite the fact it has bean there over a week. What's the point of doing it online and then falling at the last bit. I spent over an hour between the Doctors and the chemists. I would have left it but I needed them like now. In the end I did get them. Home and very tired, pain everywhere.


Washing usual house work things. Cut back the rose next door and staked it as it was a bit wobbly.
Sprayed all the indoor plants with leaf feed, and not much else today. I feel quite tired-- pain drains you.


Appointment with Mr Joby John to see what he can do about my knee I think the only answer is an operation but he might have something else to offer me. I was disappointed that the injection did not work. I didn't expect it to make it worse though

Going there we ran into an accident- so a detour was necessary. Down a back road, not much better than a track. Lots of pot holes and water, getting bumped about and causing me all over pain. My knee being the worst. When we got to the other end we were just a bit further down the road in another queue. The detour was not helpful just a waste of time and extra pain for me. Paul looked out his car door and saw the queue was very long, so he decided to turn round and go a different way. We had left with plenty of time to spare so this would be alright.

On arriving at the Hospital we were informed that Mr Joby John was running late by 45 minutes.
We went and got a cup of tea then went back.

My name was called and we went in, I told him what had bean going on. He said the only answer now is the operation which we both wanted to avoid. He told me the risks and said it COULD fire up the RSD. I have no option have I? The pain is worse now and getting more painful everyday. I trust him and he will do a good job and hopefully the pain will not be fired up more than it has to.

Paul helped me fill in some consent and health forms, we gave them in at another clinic this was to see about the date and have the pre-med check, but they could not fit me in today because of my appointment being late. I will get an letter soon, but it does mean going back again. Hopefully it will not be too long then I can get rid of this knee pain for good.


Phone call from Jenny, she is not well and will not be at Age UK tomorrow.
Angela came round to sort out things on the computer.

After yesterdays bumping about, my knee is very sore and swollen.

Watched the new Star Trek Discovery series with Andrew. I did not think it was as good as previous ones, poor story line. Hopefully the next one will be better. Good to have it back though.


I was not sure who would be at age UK today helping me out, but all was good no office staff just another volunteer. All went well. I phoned Jenny later and she felt a bit better. She has a heavy cold and cough. She thinks she will be back next week.


Sorting out my wardrobe this is a job I have wanted to do for a long while. Got most done, a lot for the charity shop. I think all of us-- men and woman hang on to things just in case. Not this time though, a good sort out, got loads of room now.


Made some little cakes and all done in the mixer, only way I can do them now. Very light and fluffy
very tasty too.

A bit of snow fell around 6-00pm  then it turned warmer, frost, then a bit more snow. Felt very cold  late and early next morning.

 In our garden.


I did not risk going to Pilate's as a bit icy and they are back roads I go on. I miss going as not bean for a long time. I think once I get my knee done biking will be less painful I hope.


Snow all gone apart from a bit of a body of a snow man someone had made.

Age UK we had a new volunteer helping out in the kitchen or so we were led to believe. She turned out to be the new Volunteer's Coordinator. Jenny and I were shocked, no one from the office part has ever come and worked with us and seen how the kitchen is run. She said she had come from another Age UK and this was a normal thing to do. We both said we had never had it before and she was shocked. How else am I going to know what goes on and get to know people? I hope she will stay as already a hit with everyone here. Her name is Nicky.

A good day busy again and knee painful and sore. I know its getting tighter as the days go by. By the time I had walked home it was very stiff. Catch a bus people say to me. This makes all my pain worse because of the vibrations. So which ever way I go home, its pain for me, and walking is the lesser one of the two.


Had a letter from the Hospital about my knee I am to go for a pre-opp assessment on the 4th February so not too long. Early one so we will have to leave the house before 7-00am. Hopefully the operation will soon follow.

Went to see my friend Pilate's John, he has bean in Hospital. I took him some cakes he was very pleased to see me and the cakes, doing quite well too.


A rare sunny windy day, bean so damp and grey for a few days. Nice to see the sun, so all the beds got changed. Dried very well all ironed and put away.


A cold frosty start, very cold on the common as a north wind, snow is on the way I think. Summer enjoyed her walk. Cold weather is better for her as she has a lovely thick coat.
Cleaning up down stairs and knitting, nothing exciting


Cold and frosty but some bright sunshine again. Nice on the common saw a lot of Summer friends. Summer played with her ball running around and chasing it.

Spoke to my son Wayne, his cat Timmy has bean diagnosed with diabetes. He has not bean well and not quite himself for a while. Wayne suspected he had diabetes. Hope he can get sorted out by the vet on Friday for his treatment- he means the world to Wayne.


A lot colder than yesterday Paul said it was minus 4 according to the car thermometer. Freezing fog too. I was dressed for the weather so I did not feel too cold. I have bean going on the common now for most of forty years so I think you get used to the cold. The trees looked very pretty covered with frost. I did not take my camera, so no pictures.

Well first month of the year has already gone and not too bad start.. I have my knee to sort out but hopefully that will be soon. My appointments on Monday so I will know more after that

Hope you are all as best as you can be. Snow or no snow enjoy what you can. All the best Love Gill.

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