January (2) Up Date.

January 10th

My friend Jenny came yesterday and brought me some lovely flowers. Thank you Jenny..


Good to see her had a good chat. She said there are going to be a lot of changes at Age UK. Obviously I am not going to be there for a while now. Jenny and I were not able to work together much as over the past year we have both have bean off for various things. Hopefully soon we will be able to.

My arm is still very painful and I'm taking a lot of extra tablets. Trying to find things I can do with one hand, as I have not got much feeling in the fingers they will not grasp things YET. No knitting or sewing, hardly able to dress or wash myself. So life is a little slower than a few weeks ago. Doing a few crosswords and word searches, reading too.

My grandson Tommy-Lee has hurt his hand too. He has a broken knuckle and a displaced little finger. He needs to wear a  splint and strapping for a few weeks, then go back to the hospital to see if there is any improvement.


Over night I had seizure, not a big one I don't think, but still not good. This is due to all the extra pain from my arm I would say. I have a bad headache and feel very tired and drained, all the signs I usually get after a seizure. I usually take it easy but I can not do much less than I am doing now. Tomorrow I will be fine so long as there are no more.


I am doing a puzzle, a picture of 3 kittens in a garden urn. Lindsay and her family got me it for Christmas, Jamie-Lee chose it and was very excited when I opened it Christmas day. Bit harder with only one usable hand but I am getting some done.

I can feel the bone moving when I move my arm. Lindsay said it will be the wires moving. I know it hurts. One bad move on New Years day has a lot to answer for. Hopefully the nerves are recovering. I know it will take time and I am not good at recovering from any thing. I miss going out with Summer and I know she misses me taking her for a walk as well. She is still going out but you can tell she is wanting me to go with her, soon Pup soon. I did go with Andrew a few days ago but was very cold and my arm really hurt a lot. With having the plaster on restricts me to what I can wear. Bean mostly in my PJS. A lot easier than every day clothes.


Hospital today to see how my arm is doing. X Ray first then the Doctor. He looked at the X Ray, and said things are improving, the damaged nerves look better than they did. I saw the X Ray and how the wires looked. I was hoping for a picture but not aloud. I am to go back in 3 weeks, and if things look good the wires will be removed. Next the plaster room for a full plaster over the back slab one. I could chose the colour, I went for a red one. The first plaster was not removed as this would has disturbed the wires too much as they were already in a good position. The pain was not too bad either. I was given a different sling too, but this rubbed my neck so using the first one I was given.

A cup of tea in the cafe then home. A lot of pain later shooting down to my fingers, and they swelled up too,  just as they were improving. Hopefully they will go down very soon.



Spoke to Helen, she said Poppy her baby is doing well. Some of the clothes I made will probably not fit her now as she is 3 months old. With her being ill and in hospital a long time, Andrews attack, Paul's back operation, my fall, we have not bean able to see her yet. Only talking on the phone, but I so want to see Poppy.

Well that's the update- quite boring for me. Hopefully the next update will have a bit different read.
All the best and I hope your New Year was a bit better. Would be nice to get a few comments or just a few words from some of you and how you cope with your RSD. Just click on the letter at the bottom of the posts. This will take you to an email, then just write and I will get back to you.
 All the very best love Gill.

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