January (3)


Got the puzzle done a lot harder than I thought it would be. Jamie-Lee will be very pleased when she sees it.

A lot of pain over the last few days, not where the breaks are either. Trying to keep busy doing what I can, but when that is restricted its not easy. The mouse I am having to use left handed and wonder why things are not doing what they should. Then I realise I am pressing the right button instead of the left one. As they are now reversed. Makes things a lot harder.

At last out with Summer and Paul. This is the first time this year. A lovely sunny cold frosty morning- it was great. I have said before I am not an indoor person.

Had my B12 injection, so that should boost things up a bit. Usually I can tell when its near, this time with not doing so much. I think my body is more rested.


Not sure why, but I have a lot more pain today, took OXYNORM that always helps as it did this time. I have a cold too, bean coming on a few days. So far not too bad. Plippy ploppy ears and blocked up a a bit. Pain around eyes and cheeks, normal cold stuff.

I will be pleased when things are back to my normal, but with the nerve damage and 2 bad breaks it could be a while. I can move my fingers more than I did a few days ago, so that's a good sign, still swollen and a bit of bruising. I will know more in around 2 weeks time- when I see the Doctor again and after the wires are removed. 


This puzzle was so hard, only 108 pieces but took a few hours to do.
This one- 500 pieces- was quite easy did it in 2 days. A really nice picture.


Poor Summer she has bean very anxious at night when I leave her at bed time. Crying and shaking. 
Last night she destroyed the curtains scratched the cupboard and bathroom doors. She did not do the flowers much good either. To start with I thought it was Tabby Cat upsetting her. Now when I have thought a bit more, I think it's my fall on New Years day. She was there when it happened and was very upset. The person she loves the most, screaming in pain then disappears for 3 days. This must have upset her a lot, she now panics when I go out of sight and gets upset more easily. Wayne said at Christmas, get one of the plug ins for her, Adaptil, at the time she was not anxious just Tabby cat upsetting her. So I did not get one. I spent the night down stairs, could not risk any more damage to her or the house.


I have ordered an Adaptil plug in for her, should be here tomorrow- hope this will help her at night. Soon find out.

Paul spent the night with her and she was fine again.


Plug in came mid afternoon and was plugged in straight away. Bedtime she did not go in her basket but on the settee in the front room. I said where am I going to go, thinking I would be spending the night with her. She did not even lift her head, I said night Summer I am going to bed gave her a kiss and went up. No response from again. I listened as I left the bedroom door open a bit. Not a sound after quite a long time I went to sleep


Summer had a good night so everyone was pleased. She seems calmer. So hopefully she will be fine now. Thank you Wayne.

My pain is not as bad now and there is more movement in the fingers, still swollen, but I think things are on the up. The plaster is very tight at times and hot too. I now can do quite a lot with one hand, but hopefully soon be 2.  

Summer is now calmer, but night times she does not want in stay in the dining room in her basket. I leave the door open so she can choose where she sleeps.
The cat 2 doors away really upsets her and it cries at night. Summer thinks it needs help and gets very upset when she can not get to him.


My arm at times is reasonable, other times very painful. More so at night, I feel like ripping the plaster off it hurts so much. My fingers and thumb are still very swollen. The plaster is very tight, I will be pleased when Monday comes for my hospital appointment. Whatever happens this plaster will be coming off. Now weather that will mean another plaster or wrist support, I do not know.

Finished another puzzle. 500 pieces This one was very easy, and was completed in 2 days.


Not much difference to report. Very much the same here getting very bored now. At least my body is getting a rest.

Another puzzle done, again 500 pieces- this one was very hard to do, and a lot of the pieces fitted in 2 places. Paul got this one and another from the charity shop in town. Probably do that one next.

Well what can I say about this month, CRAP ---I think about sums it up. RSD is not helping, but when does it ever help more the opposite.

 Every year I say this one will be better, and it's not. I think this is the worst start and definitely the most painful one yet. I  just hope on Monday the news will be good.

I am pleased Summer has calmed down a bit, but there is still the cat at night and a lot of the day. I  think a quiet word with the neighbour might be called for. Well that's it for this month hope you are all as good as you can be.  All the very best Love Gill.

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