16 YEARS TODAY-- 13th July.

13th July


16 years today since all this started from just a fall. Bang: RSD settles in.

Someone said to me once if you are going through HELL just keep going. I think this has helped me a lot and I kept going. At times this has bean very painful and near impossible. The seizures have added to the stress my body has to endure, plus the knee operation as this did not go to plan. I had about recovered fully from that then after another fall; a broken wrist. Still removing from that and things are still not quite right yet.

RSD takes away a lot of my life but I fight back. I mostly can still walk well but not without pain.  The common Summer and I go on, just about every day keeps me going. I know without that I think my life would be a lot different. Of course, Summer is the best thing ever for me. She understands when I feel bad, and gives me love and cuddles.

I was told that in time I would be in a wheelchair, most if not all the time. This really scared me as an active person that is the last thing on your mind. I think I could understand it more if this pain and everything was caused by a bad accident and not just a fall.

RSD can not be seen like a plastered limb, so it's hard for people to understand the pain. WHY one day I can do things and not another?  WHY extreme pain one day and less the next.?????   RSD, that what.

I do not think there will be a cure any time soon for the UK. In America, some go through the KETAMIN COMA, but this can be fatal. My RSD friend in Florida had it and suffered a heart attack. She was around 22, she recovered, but it did not improve her RSD. A few years later she had a second go. Do not know what happened as she stopped her RSD Blog. She's still on Facebook but does not talk about her RSD. This KETAMIN thing is something I would never have.

My very first Physio way back in 2004 said to me this-- USE IT OR LOSE IT- meaning if you do not move your limbs despite the pain your brain will forget how to move them. This was good advice for me and I think spurred me on.

Well, this is me again wishing you all the best and just keep going. Love Gill.

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