June 1st

I got a phone call to say an appointment is available for next Wednesday for urology for an investigation with a camera into my bladder. So I am pleased as I have not waited long at all. I feel very tired today but hurt more when I sit down. Plated some old tatties in a large clay pot, they were in the veg rack in the shed with spurts on so I thought why not try them. The greenhouse and outside are doing very well. Andrew has sowed a lot of seeds as well, all doing very well.  


Andrew came on our walk today, Summer played with her ball, for the first time in ages, she was puffed out after all the running around.  Bit of chest pain early in the morning before I went to bed, not sure if it was a muscle or something else like my heart. Went after I used my spray so it's ok.   


Made three lots of cakes for the street party that a neighbor has organized, trouble is no one much knows about it. According to the forecast, it's going to rain most of the day. Knitting the cardigan for Jamie-Lee and I have to do the button band but I did it wrong. So had to pull most down and start again. Got it right now. So just the buttons to put on. My daughter Lindsay burnt her arm on a BBQ they had. It looked quite sore but I think it will be OK. Paul took her some dressing to help with the healing.


A neighbor who is having a street party or should I say was. Now it's in her house. The trouble is still no one knows about it. I went across and took the cakes and stayed a while. Had a sausage and a small bit of cake. As far as I know, I was the only one who went. Bad headache later a nerve type one running from my neck across to the left side of my head and under my eye.


Woke with the same headache still after not much sleep, Went to look at beds, as Paul and I need a new one. Our present one is around seventeen years old. Got one sorted and is coming end of the month. A lot of pain later mostly nerve pain in my knees elbows and shoulders. Took extra pain tablets did not help much though. 


Warm today. Saw Mary on the common with Rory. Summer had not seen her and when I asked her where is Mary? She looked the way we normally see her. When she finally saw her she ran so fast to get her treat. Mary said she had never seen her run so fast. I said she can if it involves food. Rory took Summer for a drink in the long grass and they both came out very smelly. Washing today two lots. Doing a bit in the garden as well. Pulled up some of the Chinese lanterns as they had spread so much. Hopefully, they will replant elsewhere. Lindsay and Andy our neighbor are having some. 


Camera test for my bladder today at urology.  Everything went well a bit painful going in, More so later on. Night time it was very sore like I had cystitis again, and going for wees a lot more. Hopefully, overnight, it will calm down. The Doctor who did the test said everything was looking good and she could see no problems. I asked her if the trouble I had could have bean a kidney stone, and she said very likely. Later I had my feet up and my big toe on my left foot went into a spasm. I tried to release it but it would not go. Managed to get it right only for it to go again so painful.


Pain is quite a bit better today so that's good. Later Paul had passing out due because of his diabetes was not being controlled right. Andrew and I got him sorted and he was OK later.


Paul seems all right today. Bladder good apart from, not much warning for wanting a wee. Ironing for over two hours, very warm.  Grandchildren are on holiday in Turkey with their Dad well two of them are. Jay-Jay did not go, just Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee, It will be a bit hotter there I think. 


Kidney scan today, this did not take long. The lady scanner said she could not see anything wrong. Again I asked her about kidney stones and she said I could have had one and passed it hence the pain and bleeding. Because it was a week or so ago it would not show up now. More knitting, making a toy this time a Grandmother doll. Changed a few of the clothes colours to try to finish some of my bits and bobs of wool. I have finished knitting all my other things now. The tatties I planted are up and looking good we might get some little tatties from them, but will have to wait and see for a while.


A nice start to the day I saw four squirrels may be five as one I could have seen twice. Went to see if the baby geese were there. They were, but on the island and unless I had food they were not coming to see me. My friend Jenny is here today after her hair trim, as usual looked very nice. While Jenny was here Lindsay tuned up. Lindsay ended up staying for tea we had stew it was very good, there is some left for another day too.  A lot of pain today mostly in my legs, got worse late at night had to take extra tablets. The front room tv has gone wrong so Paul is watching tv on a little one more like a monitor. He will have a new one soon. 


Another lovely summer's day very warm too, going to the dentist for a check-up. All Ok the dentist was going to clean them, but the machine would not work. Bit of shopping on the way back walking back home it was hot and humid. I was just about all in when I got home. At least I got the things I wanted so that was good. Lindsay came round soon after I got back guess what she stayed for tea again, chips this time. Put the blind we use for the greenhouse on, as it was getting very hot in there 48C at one time. Headache most of the day it's so humid and very heavy. This affects most RSD suffers like this. Paul has now got a new TV so the little one he was using is back in the computer room. The TV looks very similar to the other one. I knew he would not be without one for long.


Summers Hair cut today a bit shorter as she is getting very hot and bothered. She was good as usual and did not go to sleep this time. Paul and Andrew have gone to the Birmingham Airport to pick up Roberto one of Andrew's friends from Amsterdam. We were not sure if he would get here or not as Airport is delaying or canceling a lot of flights due to a lack of staff.  His flight was canceled, rebooked then delayed but he got here, and they are on their way back from  Airport. With it being late gone seven. Paul decided to get fish and chips for Roberto and him, and curry and chips for Andrew and I. But when does Paul need an excuse to get a takeaway. They were very good. The temperature got to 32/33C in the garden very hot and so heavy.  


Bit of rain today and it feels a bit coolers on the common. Doing my Blog, but somehow it just became deleted because it did not save for some reason. Had to do most of it again.  Chinese for tea, very good too and I enjoyed it so did Roberto. 


Summer and I saw Mary on the common and I took a picture of Rory as I did not have one of him.

Lovely Rory

Summer on the common her favourite place apart from my knee.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round. Jamie-Lee said she and Tommy-Lee had a good holiday. They did not stay too long as Jamie-Lee is back at school tomorrow. While she was here Lindsay cooked them both some tea. I did roast beef and all the bits, very good it was too. We had it a lot later and after Lindsay and Jamie-Lee had gone home. Have not done a proper roast dinner for a while. Andrew did not join us, having a pizza later. Roberto washed up and I dried.  


Today Andrew took Roberto on a walk and they went up Steep hill. (This hill is proberly the steepest hill in Lincoln.) Something he had wanted to do while here, In Holland, they do not have hills no a novelty for him. He said it was not too bad. Very warm today. Did the ironing not really the day to do it but now it's done till next time.


Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you have a good day. We got him a phone plus other things. Lindsay was coming round but Tommy-Lee was not very well. We had an Indian takeaway for tea, very tasty and hot. I do not always have this as it can upset my stomach. Feeling very full now and just going to watch a bit of TV till bedtime. Later there was a police helicopter circling overhead. Paul found out on Facebook that it was a man with a baseball bat and a machete sword. The story said he had stabbed someone and the Police were looking for him. Not sure if they found him or not.


Woke at 5.45 very hot only bean in bed since 3.45 could not get back to sleep for ages still awake at 7am, dozed a bit then till I got up about 8am. I think the air was very heavy plus the spicy Indian food I had did not help. Feels a lot warmer today very hot no breese on the common. 11.30 it was 23C. Cleaning up down stair today. Very hot and heavy. After having quite a lot of heavy meals over the last few days for tea, I did a salad and new potatoes, good and just right after the richer meals we have had.


Well, another warm day but overcast later, but heavy and warm again. Summer and I went down Sincil Bank for a walk today it was a lot cooler as most in shade. Now and again she does like to have a change. Roberto's last full day as he goes back home tomorrow, For tea we are having the leftover Indian meal with baked potatoes. 


Roberto's last day, Andrew and he came for a walk on the common with Summer and I. He wanted to get a good picture of the Cathedral from the common, but it was very misty. Soon it was time for him to leave. Andrew got him a lot of cheese to take back with him so he and his wife will be very happy.  Paul took them both to the airport. A bit later Emmie came round and we played with the Barbie dolls. I have pulled my left groin a bit. Well, I say pulled not sure as RSD can just start hurting whenever it wants. Feels quite sore and hurts a lot when going up levels, and putting on shoes or socks or anything that requires raising my leg.  


Took the bench out of the greenhouse so I can plant the tomatoes I know they are late but they will be ok. Watered it well and got it all ready. Andrew and I asked Karol next door a bit ago if we could use part of his garden for extra plants we have. Sure no problem with that he said. The problem was it was so overgrown with ivy, nettles, and so many weeds. The ivy was coming over the wall from the car park that was the garage, now closed. I pushed it back and then started on the garden. Pulling up and digging as well as I could. My back was killing but only a bit to do now. Ignore it for now at least it has taken my mind off my groin pain. Anyway, somehow I got it all done and watered. Now ready for the plant's Tomatoes, and tobacco plants to see if they will do any good. These will be planted tomorrow as will the greenhouse. I hurt but so long as I do not move too fast it's okay. I know it hurts but it was all worthwhile as it looks really good.  


My back and legs are not the best but it will be alright once I get going. Put the toms in the greenhouse and Andrew did all the outside plants. Watered and settled them in rain later so just the right time. Plants are always better after a rain. Later I put slug pellets down, and cat stuff to keep them off the soil as well. 


Getting the bedroom sorted out as we are getting a new bed tomorrow. Also new bedding and curtains. I had to iron the curtains as they were so creased. Watered the plants and outside ones as not as much rain fell as expected. Bean quite windy and warm over the last few days. 


The bed has arrived so Paul is getting it sorted and putting on the headboard. Just have to put everything back and make up the bed. We have new pillows they are very thick and fluffy. We also have all new bedding. Paul is putting most of the old bed in the car, but the mattress will not fit so another trip will be needed, ready to take to the skip tomorrow, as not open today. Got most things back to normal, just my stuff to put back in the drawers under the bed. Looking after Emmie later, we came here for a bit then back to her house. While out Andrew had a fall and hurt his arm, a lot of nerve pain for a while. I think he will be alright tomorrow.


Well, here we are at the end of June, flaming June this time as bean very hot this month. Pain-wise average but more headaches. Mixed in other ways but quite good, as a new bed and tv which is mostly Paul's as he spends most of his time in there. Hope you all had a bit of the good weather and are all well. All the very best love Gill.

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