July 2nd

Finished off putting the last bits right in the bedroom. Doing a bit more of the grandmother doll going well. My friend Joy came to see me and liked the doll very much. She asked if I would make her one as a present. I decided to let her have this one for her Birthday or Christmas, as both are in December. The doll clothes in the pattern were shown stitched onto the doll but I have made them all so they can be taken off. When completely done I will put a picture up.  


Today on our walk Summer spotted the gate between the park and the Supported Learning Centre was open. So in she goes, they had on a craft day with stalls. I thought Summer would just go in the foyer, but no in she went into the school. She looked at all the stalls and even appeared to be reading the sign that said more stall this way as she did just that. She wandered into the cafe part, and a man said they were not open yet. Summer did one of her huffs and walked away. The man said I think she understood. I said she does understand a lot more than normal dogs. People thought it was lovely that she came to visit them. One lady asked if she bought anything. I said no she had no money. The lady then said, she has nowhere to keep any. She was getting a lot of attention for sure and loving every minute. I managed to get her away and we carried on to the common where we had a nice walk. Next time I will find out more about these craft stalls and maybe have one myself next time. Summer will have some money as well.


We saw a hare on the common today the first one I have seen there. In town later sorting out things for Lindsay's Birthday. Got some more grey wool for grans hair as I ran out doing the hair but it's the wrong shade of grey. Paul will try tomorrow when he goes in for his dinner. If not, a little rabbit I made named Sebastion will have to sacrifice his trousers. No wool so sorry your trousers will have to go I will replace them of course. 

Letter from cardiology after my CORONARY ANGIOGRAM, a few weeks ago, things are not too bad. One of the valves is not right, a BICUSPID AORTIC VALVE WITH STENOSIS.  Nothing too much to worry about,  I just need regular checks. I am going to go running again after the hot weather has cooled a bit. Something for me instead of for someone else. 


A lot of watering today greenhouse and garden as drying up fast. Did quite a bit in the garden as well as weeding and general tidy up. A bit of sewing for Andy across the road. More knitting Sebastion now has some new trousers. Very good of him to give up his trousers for granny's hair.

Got to 28C in our garden then clouded over then a bit cooler later on.


Had a massive spasm attack in my neck and right shoulder. This was so painful on an already tight neck. The pain went down my arm. Not nice but Something I have grown to accept with RSD. I took IBBRUES and BACLOFEN A MUSCLE relaxant plus TIGER BALM and some OROMORTH. Very hard to move like getting in and out of the chair. Terrible later with nerve pain and touch pain (pain that radiates up my arm with the slightest touch of my fingers.) I could hardly stand up straight. Paul helped me but I did not want him to touch me as too much pain. The tablets made me feel very far away. Ness two doors asked me once if I ever bean to Space as I had on a Space X t-shirt, I said many times as I have bean spaced out with my tablets. Bed, hopefully, a better day tomorrow. 


Hotter today got to over 32C. My neck is not as bad today so long as I take it easy no fast moves. 

Lindsay's Birthday- they are coming round for tea, Chinese.  Jay-Jay came too but not Tommy-Lee, Jack a friend came as well. Tea did not happen as tempers got frayed and Lindsay went home. Nothing to do with me though.


Paul and I have bean invited to a wedding in October and also we are going to another one in September. 

Today is eighteen years since all this RSD nightmare started. All these years of hell; lost friends that I used to run with. Things that are impossible to do now. How can an innocent fall turn into all this? Why because RSD can. I know I am stronger than a lot of people but, even the strength can break down at times. There is no one to pick you up either, as no specialist near here. I have never as yet met anyone with RSD. A lonely miss understood life that will just get worse with age and go on and on. 


Terrible pain in my neck, shoulder, and back. The nerve pain is shooting down my arm making my fingers numb and tingle with pain, also affecting my leg. the pain is going into my neck and head. I feel quite ill at the moment. My chair is a rise-up one, that helps you get out it easier, so I have bean using that just to move out the chair. As soon as I move the pain gets so much worse and I am doubled up trying to get the spasms under control. I am taking a lot of extra tablets which have made my stomach bad so I am being sick now, all I need with these terrible spasms. spasms. Well, things can only get better.


The first day in a while I've woken up without chronic pain. I think the pain is beginning to go a bit. I am trying to move a bit more and doing a few exercises to gently move my neck and shoulders. Not easy and the spasms are still coming not as bad but still very painful.


The start of two predicted very hot days could rise up to 40C, this does not seem possible but at four pm it was 36C. This felt hot enough Summer was Ok as she slept a lot. We have fans in both the dining room and front room so this will help hopefully. Night time temperature was 22-23C so a bit warm for trying to sleep not as though I get much anyway.


Records were broken today in Lincoln with a recording of 40.1C the highest recorded in the UK. I am struggling to cope, I know a lot of you are, but with RSD it's a nightmare that goes on and on. My nervous system is like a child's and isn't able to cool off or heat up the same way it used to. This is something you can not stop just because you do not like it or take more pills to cope there is nothing you can really do. Just trying to keep as cool as I can, but just sat here, I am wet with sweat, then shaking because I have overheated too much. The high humidity is not helping either. 


Well, cooler today but the house is still very hot I think it will be a few days before it cools down again. The temperature is around 27C at two pm but at night time, this did not drop very close and heavy. Hopefully, a storm is on the way.


 Finished off a hat and gloves set, seems weird knitting a hat and gloves in the last few day's heat. Also, Gran is finished now, I did the hair like a perm. This took around two to three hours but I think it was worth it as she looks good. This will be for a Christmas present.

         I was pleased with this set as well. 

I am so pleased the temperature has dropped to 22C about half of what it has bean. Not sure how much more I could take of this heat. Not just the heat affected me but also the very heavy humid air, which is still high. This felt like I had someone on my back the whole time. Having the pain and spasms did not help as I was sweating from that be for the heat came. I know it was only around four to five days of immense heat but this country is not used to it and can not cope. 


Cleaning upstairs, as a bit cooler now but still very humid we need rain and a good lot too. Rung up a few of my friends and had a chat with them. Two doors away are moving today Ness and Squidgy plus Ben and Emmie. Not far as I have already said but, I will miss Emmie and I know she will miss me. We will still keep in touch and I will go there and she will still come here.


Bit of knitting now making a baby cardigan in white. Tidying up in the garden and yet more watering seems to be a full-time job now. Sprayed for green fly and any other bugs. I took a picture of Karol's (next door)  roses from upstairs there are loads. The heat has not done them too good but still, they are very beautiful.  

Even though it's a lot cooler I feel very sticky and mucky. I am just pleased my body has calmed down and is mostly back to my RSD normal. 


Up before seven thirty as I woke an hour earlier and laid for a while, no chance of getting back to sleep. Might as well get up. Summer and I were on the common before eight so quite cool for her. We did not see any of her friends. Some we have not seen for around two weeks now like Mary and Rory. They either come on the common very early or not at all when it's very hot.  Summer does look for him every day but no Rory today Summer. Summer has copped quite well but like every else got very hot. I put a wet tea towel on her this helped her quite a bit.

I took some pictures of the common to show how dry and brown it is. 

                                                        Horses under the trees keeping cool.   

                                                          Sumer looking good as usual. 
                                               I think she may have found something to eat.

 A few days after these pictures were taken some fool, set fire to the dry grass. lucky there was not a lot of damage. 

I am trying to put new linings on the computer room curtains as they got ruined with cactus plants that used to be on the window sill. This took all afternoon but they are as good as new now, and will last a few more years. I forgot my friend Jenny's Birthday so I rang her to apologise. It was today so not too bad. Usually, I would have gone round yesterday or first off today. I thought it was in August. I have a present plus a special one for her. Seeing her on Thursday.

When Summer and I got back from the common Emmie was here. Her Dad and her are getting the last bits from their house as the keys are handed over to the new people. Emmie is very sad about moving but she will be alright she has a friend close by and goes on holiday to Wales Saturday. We played with the Barbies dolls. After she had gone I cleaned up downstairs. I am very tired as going to bed late around four am and getting up around eight am. 

Up early again but I feel like I have had some sleep. Jenny here today hopes she likes her presents and card. A lovely afternoon with Jenny just talking and catching up on the last few weeks. 

This is what Andrew made especially for Jenny, she thought it was lovely. She liked the other things as well; shower things, soap, and hand cream.  

In town today to get Wayne a few bits for his Birthday, he is getting money so just a few bits to open on the day. He is coming with Kayleigh on Sunday. This will be the first time I have seen Kayleigh since 2019, a few days before I broke my wrist. It will be so good to see them both. I did see Wayne last Christmas. I am really looking forward to this. Extra work for me but it will be worth it.

Happy Birthday, Wayne see you both soon. Knitting a little character doll for a YouTube lady for who I got patterns off as a thank you. Not far off finished, I will put a picture on here in the next Blog.

Paul has gone to pick up Kayleigh and Wayne from Halifax. I am cleaning up downstairs. Later we will have Chinese for tea, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee will join us. Wayne and Kayleigh arrived around three, cups of tea and catch-up time. Good to see them both. Wayne opened his presents and liked them all just a few bits like I said.

Well, friends, that's another Blog down. Not too bad a month apart from the heat but that affected everyone. My neck spasms were very painful as well, but I recover to go on another day. 

Hope things are good with you all or at least not too bad. 

All the very best to you all Love Gill. 

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